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        Minute Maid Pulpy Super Milky

        To better exploit the business opportunities of dairy drinks and satisfy consumers’ nutritional requirements for dairy drinks, Coca-Cola Company launched Minute Maid Pulpy Super Milky in 2009.

        The recipe of this beverage involves Minute Maid fruit juice, coconut mixture, and other ingredients such as whey protein, niacin and vitamin E, offering more nutrition and deliciousness to consumers. At present, there are four specifications available for Minute Maid Pulpy Super Milky, namely, 250g PET bottle, 450g PET bottle, 1500g PET bottle and 250g gift box.

        It offers seven flavors, including  original、strawberry、banana、mango、pineapple、peach  and coconut, to fully meet the consumer demand for drinking on different occasions.