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        Talent development
        Cofco Coca-Cola customer cooperation concept
        Employee career development plan is to bond the personal development objectives of the employee with the development goal of the enterprise. Through analyzing personal factors and environmental factors that influence employee's career, design reasonable and feasible career development objectives and paths for employees. Through training provided by the company and a variety of talent development projects, employee personal capability growth is accelerated, the self-value is improved, and the company becomes the talent demand target of the world-class bottling group that creates the common interest between employees and the company.
        develop ladder
        Build management, Professional dual channel ,development path of"W"
        fixed measures
        Define vertical and horizontal career development standards
        construct mechanism
        Clear accountability and help employees developed in an orderly way
        Various measures support employee's development faster
        Talent development
        Speed up the growth of employees and boost the development of enterprises
        Provided an accumulative total of 3.18 million hours of training for employees
        New Employee Orientation
        Leadership training
        Profession training
        General skills training