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        COFCO COCA-COLA BEVERAGES LIMITED (“CBL”) won two-time COCA-COLA CHINA system annual execution cup champion award in succession

        On 9th April 2019, CBL team won the Coca-Cola China system highest honor award – the Execution Cup Champion award in the Coca-Cola China system annual conference again.

        The Execution Cup is a comprehensive evaluation award and recognition for the top three bottling plants in Coca-Cola China region. Its evaluation indicators include financial performance, market execution, industry ranking and other aspects. In 2017, the first integration year of CBL, CBL Hebei bottling plant won the Execution Cup Champion award. In 2018, CBL Gansu bottling plant and CBL Liaoning bottling plant have been always at the top position of all 31 bottling plants in China. At the end, CBL Gansu bottling plant won the Execution Cup Champion award and CBL Liaoning bottling plant won the Execution Cup First Runner up award.

        In addition to the Execution Cup, recognition in revenue management, revenue growth, point-of-sale execution, key customer management, supply chain performance and improvement, public communication, human resources management, legal management and other awards in Coca-Cola China were also awarded that night. CBL had a very good performance and was awarded 20 out of total 36 awards that night.