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        Story of Costa originated from Old Paradise Street in London in 1971. Bruno and Sergio Costa born in Italy created Italian mocha coffee bean with special character of Costa,  and opened the 1st coffee shop in London.

        Costa has seen business coverage in more than 30 countries globally. Coca Cola purchased Costa group in Jan. 2019 which marked the beginning of Costa brand becoming one of numerous brands of Coca Cola, since which, Costa RTD coffee was launched in China to drive further growth of market share in coffee category for Coca Cola.

        6 SKU have been launched in China:

        COSTA  Latte

        COSTA Americano

        COSTA Golden Latte

        COSTA Rich Mocha
        Costa Cold Brew Black
        Costa Cold Brew Peach Latte

        Express Machine and PTS

        Express Machine and PTS are Costa’s brand  new ground coffee solutions so as to fulfil consumer’s demand for convenience in speedy daily life.  Until now, Costa’s express machine/PTS has seen coverage in more than 10,000 outlets in overseas market, apart from which, Costa express & PTS has started business in China in Aug. 2019.

        In order to further fulfill consumers 'demand in coffee in routine work and life, COSTA is planning to fasten the coverage expansion of express & PTS in channels, and it will be dedicated to working with partners in collaboration  so as to improve the industry distribution and constantly pursue growth opportunities in coffee category, enabling to instill new dynamic into Chinese beverage industry development.