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        Community care

        Water purification plan:

        As a public welfare project initiated by Coca-Cola China and One Foundation, the Water Purification Plan aims to protect local children from unsafe drinking water by helping schools and communities in remote areas to install water purification equipment. By 2017, more than 800 water purification units have been put into use in CBL districts, benefiting more than 400,000 students.  

        520 Women's incentive plan:

        The Coca-Cola 520 program, is a sustainable development program that Coca-Cola launched worldwide to empower women and achieve social values. Each bottler of CBL can make full use of various kinds of resources to provide comprehensive business guidance and support for women who are aspiring to start their own business and early start-up.

        Community care:

        Based on community practice, each bottler actively engaged in public welfare projects such as welfare homes, special children, orphans and elderly persons with no families, helping the community to build a warm, harmonious society.

        CBL Xinjiang visited Urumchi School for the Deaf during Oct. 2017, the month of Social Welfare