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        Hope primary school:

        There are 43 hope primary schools in CBL’s business districts. Local bottlers have long been doing the renovation of school buildings, donation of educational and stylistic facilities, and training, giving local students an access to better and more comprehensive education

        Safe Campus:

        In 2015, a series of activities of safety education themed Safe Campus for primary and middle school students were widely carried out in all CBL’s business districts. The students' self-protection ability is promoted through the safety practice about classroom focusing, fire prevention, drowning prevention,earthquake, traffic safety, emergency self-rescue, self-protection and other fields.

        Flower-flower Assistance Program:

        Early in 2011, CBL launched a "flower-flower" assistance program, through which employees of the company carry out a one-to-one continuous donation to the students in the poor areas to reduce the life pressure of the students at school age. At present, the program has been carried out by many bottlers, such as CBL Central China, CBL Xinjiang, CBL Gansu, etc., which has benefited more than 500 students.